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Tree and shrub pruning - Proper trimming requires a detailed understanding of what should stay and what should go and when. Knowledgeable decisions can enhance and protect plant health and stability.
Tree removal - Although we are committed to saving our customers trees, there sometimes is a need to remove a tree or shrub from a property.  Using the latest technology we can safely remove trees while having little impact on the surrounding landscape.
Stump removal – We offer large and hard to reach stump removal.

Cabling and bracing - Not all trees need to be removed.  In certain instances hardware or a cable can be installed to support weak unions or over extended limbs and avoid removal.

Insect and disease management – Maintaining the health of your landscape is important to sustaining its beauty and preventing future removals. We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat pest related problems with your trees and shrubs using the most up to date products.  We will complete a thorough evaluation of your landscape and construct a plan specific for it.

Fertilization – Also important to overall health of trees and shrubs is making sure they are getting the required nutrients to promote health and beauty.  We can evaluate your trees and shrubs and treat them accordingly.

Crane Rental - We have a 25 ton crane with a 144 foot tip height. Call for pricing.

Mulch - We recycle our wood and process our own mulch. It can be purchased in large or small quantities. Contact us for pricing.

Firewood - Seasoned firewood available year round and chunk wood for outside burners. Order online!

Lawn maintenance – We have state of the art commercial mowers to accommodate any lawn.  We provide both commercial and residential lawn service.

Snow removal – We are equipped to provide snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties.  We have up to date equipment including front end loaders for large areas.  We also offer salting services. Request a quote today.

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